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  1. Mojo Woman

I am lucky to have a woman who helps me be more of what I am. She puts the wind in my sails, injects me with the love voodoo that transcends ordinary motivation. I didn’t meet her in an old honkey tonk, but maybe someone did? Ha ha. Mojo Woman is who you will want to meet to put some excitement in your life! So let’s go see what’s down at the end of that dirt road by the swamp…


Mojo Woman

At the end of the road
Old dirty shack where the windows glow
Old honkey tonk
On the edge of the swamp
Where the fires burn below

She pulled me in
I closed my mind
Purged me of my sins
My heart bled dry
Pulled me from the mire
And she threw me on the fire

Mojo woman
Put a spell on me
Mojo woman
Is what I need
Mojo woman
Got a spell on me
Mojo woman
She sets me free

I’m back on the road
Beyond the hills where the fires glow
Yes I survived
Never felt more alive