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  1. Space Cake

Space Cake started out as a sweep-picking riff that I heard in my head. I had a really hard time playing it and had to re-track the guitars several times to get it just right. This song is a good example of how I am trying to execute something I heard in my mind that was not easily played. After touring Europe a handful of times, and visiting Amsterdam a lot, you hear about the space cake. You know, with marijuana in there. I must admit I have never eaten the space cake from Amsterdam, but it sounds better to sing than ‘bud’ or ‘weed’ or some such. Now legalization efforts abound in the states, and I think Americans are coming to terms with the fact that most people have used it. From Clinton to Bush to Obama, and even my dad’s friends, to the neighbors… it really is everywhere. I grew up in the ‘70s in the Midwest where you could get a bag of Mexican or Columbian weed for about $18. The kind that was brown with all the seeds and stems in there (break out the double vinyl album). It was a part of growing up, and to me is a lot better for us all than alcohol. It seemed like the right time to write about it.


Space Cake

Man I’m tired of running in circles
Pushing the big rocks up the hill
I gotta let it go boy
Change of scenery boy
Gotta take it away, away, so far away
I need the space cake

Now I’m going on vacation
While I stand right here
Change the point of view boy
Try on the new skin boy
It’ll take you away, away, so far away

I’m flying, I’m climbing
My eyes are wide as the sky
I’m seeing it all a different way
I hear it, I’ve got it
I hear a new melody finding its way
My guitar will play

Woke up with the morning sun
The new day has begun
Time to say hello boy
Front row seats to the show boy
You gotta let it go away, so far away
You gotta let it go boy
Change the scenery boy
You’ve gotta get away, away, so far away
You need the space cake
Space cake, space cake