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  1. Fuzzy Dice

Did you know that Fuzzy Dice originated in the cockpit of World War II aircraft like the B-17? I didn’t. This tune started from a riff using the VERY cool Buzzmaster fuzz pedal. So the working title Fuzzy Dice inspired the lyrics: I Googled fuzzy dice and read about fighter pilots from WWII who would hang them in the cockpit, showing a seven for good luck, and incorporated some of the slang that was popular at the time. This song is all about having fun with that concept. The end of the tune, or (as I call it) the epilogue, called for a Queens-of-the-Stoneage-vibe pounding beat. (Full disclosure- Songs for the Deaf is one of my favorite albums.)


Fuzzy Dice

Lord have mercy on me
I don’t know if I’m coming home
Twenty five thousand feet
Memphis Belle in the lead
She won’t let us go down

Fire on the mountain
Burning through the skies
Fuzzy dice read seven
Live free or die

Euchre up front in 5s and 10’s
So we don’t go, we don’t go bored
Jerry’s blasting flak at me
But he can’t find me and my boys

Fire on the mountain
Burning up the skies
Fuzzy dice read seven
Live free or die

Flak is heavy
But we’re in the lead
There’s bandits in the beehive
Gone for six or three in the green
It’s tough to stay alive