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  1. Feeling Good Now
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Written by Dudley Taft

Dudley Taft – Guitar, Vocals
John Kessler – Bass
Chris Leighton – Drums
Eric Robert – Keyboards


Since you left
I been starin’, starin’ out the window
Got no regrets
I been singin’, singin’ in the steeple
No more tears
I’m startin’, startin’ all over
Those wasted years
Like you, are gone

Feelin’ good now
Feelin’ alright
Without you babe

Feelin’ good now
Feelin’ alright
Don’t need you babe
It’s all right

I’m laughing loud
I been hangin’, hangin’ with the boys
I’m standing proud
I been workin’, bangin’ on nails
I been lookin’ around
The scenery is mighty, mighty good here
I’m stepping out… ‘cus I’m