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  1. Bandit Queen
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Written by Dudley Taft

Dudley Taft – Guitar, Vocals
John Kessler – Bass
Jason Patterson – Drums


Youngest child of seven
Raised with a silver spoon
Lost her heart to a gambling man
Caught up in a dream of fools

Thought she might be a singer
Ran off to Colorado
Left her sons for
A thief and a rambler
Whiskey, morphine and guns
Stand and deliver
Pearl Heart the Bandit Queen

She robbed a coach at gunpoint
To send her mama money
You might have read about her
How she charmed the jury

In a cell in Yuma
She worked to build her fame
Blew a hole in the wall
And by the next fall Wild Bill
Was spreading her name
You can take her picture
Pearl Heart the Bandit Queen

She wrote her own story
Of pulp fiction glory
Dressed like a man
With a gun and a plan
Nothing stood in her way
Read all about her
Pearl Heart the Bandit Queen
She was the legend
Pearl Heart the Bandit Queen