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  1. God Forbid
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Dudley Taft – Guitar, Vocals
John Kessler – Bass
Scott Vogel – Drums


Broken road left behind
Made it north across the borderline
No way home, no guiding light
If it gets too cold I won’t last the night
God Forbid, God forbid

Made my way through musket haze
Fields of blood and waves of graves
Never took my eye from the sight
God forbid I see the whites of your eyes
God forbid, God forbid

No one here asks my name
What I did or why I came
Maybe a man can clean the slate
God forbid he’s tied to his fate
God forbid, God forbid

Baby, show me the way
My angel of the wind
Baby, I kneel and pray
God forbid I never see you again

My past hangs me over the edge
Like a colt 45 pointed at my head
Union man loves a southern belle
But her family plans to send me straight to hell

When I close my eyes I see my life
The way it was when you were mine