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  1. Tears In Rain
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Written by Richard Fleming and Dudley Taft

Dudley Taft – guitars, vocals
John Kessler – bass guitar
Jason Patterson – drums
Reese Wynans – B3 Organ


Green fields caught on fire
Burning up the hills
Embers of my desire
To cure my ills
You and I we ride along
Tails of different waves
Drift all night and now we’re gone
Much too far away

Like whispers on the wind
Never coming back again
Memories start to fade
Washing away
Tears in rain, Tears in rain

Moonlight reflecting on
Dust in the air
Our years have come and gone
Moments that we shared

You and me on the wind
Flying high once again
Like the moon in retrograde
Fading away
Tears in rain, tears in rain
Tears in rain

Far beyond the edge of time
When stars turn to grey
I’ll be there with you
To float away
Tears in rain, tears in rain
Tears in rain, tears in rain…