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  1. The Reason Why
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Written by Richard Fleming, Tom Hambridge and Dudley Taft

Dudley Taft – vocals, guitar
John Kessler – bass guitar
Tom Hambridge - drums
Reese Wynans – B3 Organ


My mind is all confused
You got me so mixed up
I’m giving you my best
But my best ain’t good enough

You haven’t said you’re leaving
But you’ve already said goodbye
If you’re gonna take a hammer to my heart
At least you could tell me the reason why

There’s good news and bad
You haven’t said a word
But you not sayin’ nothing
Is the worst I ever heard

Give me something to believe
Even if you have to lie
If leaving is the answer
Leave me with the reason why

If it would change your mind
You know I’d change my ways
If I could move a mountain
Would that make you stay?

My love for you still living
Your love for me has died
It’s killing me not to know
The reason why