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  1. Red Line
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Written by Tom Hambridge, Richard Fleming and Dudley Taft

Dudley Taft – vocals, guitar
John Kessler – bass guitar
Jason Patterson - drums


Flying down the highway
I let this baby roll
Looking for salvation
On my radio
Lead foot on the pedal
Got you on my mind
I’m gonna push it baby
To the red line

Thinking about my brothers
Who got themselves killed
All the sons of mothers
Buried out on boot hill
Give me some of yours
I swear I’ll give you some of mine
Gonna push it baby
To the red line

Push it baby
Gotta get back to you

Flipping through the stations
I landed on the blues
Dealing with the devil
To get back home to you
So much more ahead
I got nothing left behind
I’m gonna push it baby
To the red line

Oh I gotta get home to you
Here I come baby here I come