Singer-songwriter and guitarist DUDLEY TAFT is a tour de force in the blues world. His unique sound—Delta riffs and Texas sagebrush served with edgy Seattle rock intensity—reflects the eclectic journey of his 30 plus years in music. Dudley embraces the Blues—the foundation of all the great late ‘60s and early ‘70’s rock he loved as a teen. Local guitar hero Rob Swaynie in Indianapolis taught Dudley the value of music theory interspersed with B.B King, Led Zeppelin and ZZ Top riffs. Taft's background includes study at the renown Berklee College of Music; and years touring with the hard-rock bands Sweet Water and Second Coming.
His freshman blues release, "Left for Dead", did well. It received rave reviews worldwide as Taft performed key live shows in the United States and Europe. "Left for Dead" was praised in write-ups in the United States and overseas; it sold as many copies in Germany, as well as other parts of Europe and the United States. With several major festivals under his belt— including Portland’s Waterfront Blues Festival and Blues By The Sea Festival in Il Waco, Washington—Taft released his sophomore project, "Deep Deep Blue", to critical acclaim in 2013:
“Dudley Taft has yet again proven his staple in today’s blues rock scene with his upcoming album, Deep Deep Blue... His current album builds on his debut, Left For Dead, with countless hit after hit. Taft’s classic rock approach garners uncanny comparison to past greats. Taft embodies the eclectic bluesy style of a Clapton or Beck, with the edgy vocals of a Billy Gibbons. Deep Deep Blue is one hell of a ride, start to finish.”

                                                                                                                                                - Blues Rock Review
 Dudley is a thinking man’s blues rocker. During an interview with Premier Guitar Magazine last fall Dudley states:
“ 'Left for Dead' was really about me experimenting—writing songs in new directions. My first idea was to start a ZZ Top cover band, and that led me to study Freddie King—and that really made me immerse myself in the players of the blues. It opened up my playing and writing in a lot of new ways… I like blues because it touches on dark and heavy things. There’s a turn of a melody behind certain chords that has a flavor to it that you don’t get from blues and you see it in bands nowadays like Radiohead. I’ve always believed that it’s important to have old and new influences.“
Old and new influences continue to inspire Dudley’s blues journey. His music can be heard in movies and on television, most notably "The Sixth Sense", "That Metal Show" and "Gene Simmon's Family Jewels". His highly anticipated third blues album debuts in March 2014.  


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Left for Dead


"Deep Deep Blue" voted Best New USA Blues Album of 2013 by Blues Underground Network!
"When you put the monster release that is ‘Deep Deep Blue’ into your CD player, don't start kidding yourself that you are going to be doing anything other than being glued to the front of your stereo, absolutely mesmerized with the non-stop tour de force that is the music of Dudley Taft…you will be lassoed to your chair and loving it, as this previous Hard Core Rocker now Hard Core Blues Rocker, blasts out one solid hit after the other, all the while treating your eardrums to a whole new dimension.”
                                                   –Blues Underground Network
“ ‘Deep Deep Blue’ is a powerful, high-energy set of rock-flavored blues that proves that Dudley Taft's decision to move from the rock arena to the blues scene was a wise one indeed."
                                                 –Blues Bytes