20th Century Theater "The French Connection" Show

Oakley, OH

This show will have a very special guest from France, Mr. Manu Lanvin.


"A deep voice that reminds us Howling Wolf and BB King" Guitarist Mag "Songs with balls, strong and lively" Rock & Folk "A strong personality of modern blues" Blues Magazine "Awesome" Le Parisien

After three rock solo albums produced between 2000 - 2006, Manu Lanvin finally found his calling with the « Devil Blues », a rock blues power trio that perfectly suits him.

There is no doubt that his collaboration with Texas Blues Legend, Calvin Russell, was a turning point in Manu’s career. Shortly after co-writing and producing Calvin’s 2009 final album, “Dawg Eat Dawg”, Manu went to work on his fourth album, “Mauvais Casting”. That album, released in 2012, introduced a new direction and fresh sound that was extremely well received by the music community, opening a wide range of opportunities for The French Bluesman.

In 2013 Manu and The Devil Blues played L’Olympia, The Apollo Theater, Montreux Jazz Festival and over 120 shows in some of the most prestigious venues across Europe and the United States. He received a personal invitation from Claude Nobs and Quincy Jones to perform in New York for the Jazz Foundation of America and was selected to represent France at the 2014 International Blues Challenge in Memphis. In July 2015 Manu was presented with the Cognac Passion Prize, which recognized his achievements in the world of blues, soul and funk.

On November 13, 2015, Paris and the Bataclan were attacked by terrorists, who specifically targeted French youth, the world of music and the freedoms that music embraces, strengthens and represents. The nation and the world were overwhelmed. Following the horrifying attacks, Manu said “If God is here to kill, I prefer the Devil, because mine kills no one. Mine preaches peace and love through Blues and Rock ‘n’ Roll”. A strong image of The Devil Tattoo in manu’s back, shot by Eric Martin, became the cover for “Blues, Booze & Rock n Roll”, which was released September 2016.

“Blues, Booze and Rock ‘n’ Roll” was undoubtedly Manu’s most mature album. It earned him praise and recognition from a wide range of media. It was selected as “Best Album of the Year” by Le Parisien, one of the Best Performances of the year by Rock & Folk Magazine, and a nomination for “Best Male Performer” by France’s Cristal Globes 2017. A Blues Artist was finally being recognized among some of the great names of the French music scene.

Manu was invited by Johnny Hallyday to open his tour and regularly joined on stage by Paul Personne. His ever increasing fan base and wide acclaim from peers reflect his continued growth and achievement as one of the foremost Blues & Roll artists today. He perfectly embodies the disillusioned Bluesman who can sing about the hard times when things are low and yet can effortlessly shift to the optimistic rocker who uses “The Devil’s Music” to preach for a better world.

New album : GRAND CASINO ( Release date : February 2019)