2015 European Tour Blog Part I

European Tour Blog 2015
PART 1: APRIL 22 TO MAY 1 2015
"There is nothing quite like sitting at an outdoor café, spending an hour or two over a cup of coffee or a beer. Or both, as has been

European Tour September 2014 Part 2

The band rocks Otwock
First, a note from Eric Robert, our keyboard master:

"A friend of mine (who has been around the globe and who knew I’d be getting to tour more overseas)…

European Tour September 2014 Part 1

This was the most successful of our four tours of Northern Europe. We continue to build our audience in the Netherlands and Germany, and are off to a great start in Poland. Also, it was Eric Robert’s first trip to…

European Tour May - June 2014

  European tour #3 was a big success.

Dudley Taft - Guitar, vocals
John Kessler - Bass, vocals
Carl Martin - Drums

Europe has a smell : Diesel, tobacco and cologne. At 2am, when we finish loading all the gear…

Neil Young

1979. Indianapolis. 7th grade. Art class. Barrow Davidian was the teacher, and a bit of a hippie though he had short hair. He was the ‘coolest’ teacher we had in 7th grade. He was laid back and played records…

David Bowie: One of My Biggest Influences

David Bowie 

When I was in Kindergarten, back in the early 70’s, there was a woman who came every week or so to play the piano. She played a lot of corny stuff like Hot Crossed Buns, Yankee Doodle Dandy…

Thoughts on Lou Reed

I discovered Lou Reed when I was about 12 or 13. 
Lou provided an alternative to the bombastic cocksure rock of the 70’s, and somehow his music caught my ear in spite of its lack of the guitar-hero element. He…

Dudley's Studio Pt 2

Over the last few weeks, there has been much progress in the recording studio! 

Local sound engineer Ashley Shepherd (who has worked with Peter Frampton) made a trip down to Nashville and returned with a bunch of “extra” gear that…

Dudley's Studio Pt 1

Dudley's Studio Pt 1 ~Transition~


“I want you, (to) show me the way,” (this thing works),is a phrase that kept running through my head as I tried to figure out the complicated connections of the SSL! Progress has…


Peter Frampton's Studio Pt 2

Part II - Moving In

We moved in to our new house mid-August. Exactly one week before the kids started school. “Ready, FIRE, Aim” is what I called this process. A bit sloppy, but it worked. (And no…

Peter Frampton's Studio Pt 1

Peter Frampton Has Moved To Nashville

Cincinnati has lost its British rock star. Peter Frampton has moved back to Nashville…”

On Jan. 23, he wrote on his Facebook page that furniture was starting to arrive in

34 Years and counting

Today (July 4th) is my thirty-seventeenth birthday (heh), and marked the beginning of my thirty-fourth year as a guitarist and songwriter. So, what is it like to play guitar for that long? Well, one thing is for sure, I know…